Anger Management Counseling Services in Corona, CA

Also Serving Newport Beach, CA, and Los Angeles, CA

 For many people, anger can become a serious problem. When you have a hard time dealing with your anger, your relationships can suffer. Here at Mindshift Wellness Center in Corona, CA, you can find personalized professional help with anger management counseling. As licensed Marriage and Family Therapist’s, we can help you overcome this obstacle and learn to cope with feelings of frustration, shame, regret, fear, pain, anxiety, and anger in a healthy, productive way. 

Benefits of Anger Management Counseling

Therapists offer you professional, experienced help. While some people may believe they don’t need this professional help, counseling is beneficial for everyone. When you come to us for anger management counseling, you will gain a wide range of benefits in your life, including:

  • Understanding anger
  • Tools to deal with your anger
  • Information on triggers that cause your anger
  • Constructive, effective ways to express how you feel
  • Self-control over your emotions

All of these benefits can result in improved relationships, as your friends and family recognize your shifting relationship with anger and do not fear anger-based responses from you. When you give in to anger, you may do or say something you’ll regret. When you control your anger, you better facilitate relationships. 

Your family and friends will all appreciate your efforts in anger management counselling, and you’ll be proud of your improvement as well. 

Benefits of Coming to Mindshift Wellness Center

We are licensed Marriage and Family Therapist’s in Counseling Psychology. We have years of experience in anger management that you can learn from during sessions.

At Mindshift Wellness Center, We focus on our clients. Personalized treatment plans allow us to honor the different needs of different patients. We know that every person who calls or walks through our doors is unique and has different circumstances. We’ll treat you like an individual, a real person, with the undivided attention you deserve. 

If you’re not comfortable coming into the office, we also offer teletherapy through FaceTime so you can get help with your anger no matter where you are. Call today at (714) 584-9700 to set up a consultation or appointment.